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We serve as an online marijuana dispensary in  Indiana and we offer marijuana for sale online at Perfect Weed Store-us. Medical marijuana strains are available for purchase right now. You may purchase marijuana, as well as a variety of other cannabis goods and vape pens, online from our store. Also, we offer mail order marijuana services across the nation and to a few particular nations globally. We sell recreational marijuana in (INDICA STRAINS, SATIVA STRAINS, HYBRID STRAINS) strains.

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We are renowned for our wide selection of mouthwatering cannabis edibles, THC concentrates, and other cannabis products that can be ordered online. Together with a sizable range of pre-rolls and topicals, we also sell a variety of marijuana

   Benefit Of Marijuana

In addition to THC, which has painkilling qualities, cannabis also includes CBD, a molecule that improves brain function without making the user feel euphoric. Using short path distillation, both chemicals can be removed and improved for application. Cannabis has the following health advantages for users:
Chronic pain relief
Cannabis has numerous cannabinoids among its hundreds of chemical constituents. Due to the chemical makeup of cannabinoids, they have been related to the reduction of chronic pain. In order to treat chronic pain, cannabis byproducts like medicinal cannabis are frequently

     Glaucoma treatment
Glaucoma causes increased pressure on the eyeball, which causes pain for those who have the condition. Cannabis can temporarily relieve glaucoma sufferers’ symptoms by lowering the pressure placed on their eyes.

Reduce anxiety
Despite the fact that anxiety is a prevalent side effect of cannabis, there is a solution. When used correctly and in a controlled quantity, cannabis can reduce anxiety and soothe consumers.

   Slow Alzheimer’s disease progression 

One of several illnesses brought on by cognitive decline is Alzheimer’s. Cognitive decline is nearly a given as we get older. The anti-inflammatories included in cannabis’ endocannabinoids combat the brain inflammation that causes Alzheimer’s disease
    Treat arthritis-related discomfort
Cannabis is now frequently found in lotions and balms that arthritis sufferers use. THC and CBD both aid patients in managing their pain.


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Platinum OG

75% Indica/ 25% Hybrid with Indica Predominance Sativa
20% to 24% THC, 1% CBD, and 1% CBN. As valuable as the metal it is named after, platinum OG is. This hybrid with a predominance of indica claims to be one of the “heaviest” available. Master Kush, OG Kush, and a third unidentified father are thought to be the three strains from which Platinum OG descended. The profusion of THC crystals results in flowers that are lime green and plump, with noticeable orange hairs and a platinum sheen. This priceless strain is a potent healer with a quick, heady beginning that transitions into a strong physical drowsiness suited for evening use and the alleviation of pain, tension, or anxiety.

This has been the best purchase I made all year. High quality high all around

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Worked well but didn’t like the flavo

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Works great. Will buy more. 🙂

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