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How to buy Blue Java is a hybrid strain that is primarily indica (85% indica and 15% sativa), produced by crossing the potent Garlicane and Jelly Breath strains. Blue Java, so named because of its exquisite flavor and gorgeous appearance, is the ideal classic indica strain for any patient who wants to unwind and truly get down after a demanding and stressful day or week. This bud features thin red-orange hairs, a layer of milky amber crystal trichomes, and gorgeous, heavy, spade-shaped forest green nugs with deep blue undertones. Aromas of floral spices and fresh fruity blueberries emerge as you break apart each sparkling little nugget. It tastes a lot like blueberries, but sweeter, with notes of spicy flowers and earthy woods.

How to buy Blue Java the Blue Java high is equally delicious, with uplifting and calming effects that instantly lift your mood and ease your body. A dizzying sense of euphoria will overtake you, causing a confused, blissful feeling to permeate your mental state. This heady lift is accompanied by a calming body high that can leave you feeling somewhat couch-locked and sedative at times. These benefits, along with Blue Java’s exceptionally high 20–30% average THC and 1%–2% CBD content, give it an advantage in the treatment of chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and loss of appetite.


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